Friday, April 3, 2015

Doctors, Adventuring, and Shearing

Last week I had another doctors visit which I considered to be overall successful. I saw Dr. Tornabene a neurologist,  Dr. Clarke my primary care doctor, and in the parking lot happened to run into Dr. Thorson my orthopedic doctor. Dr. Tornabene gave me and EMG test which I wont lie was not fun at all! You lay on your side while he repeatedly stabs you with a needle for about 20 minutes, the needles with some electric currents measures your nerve functions. The results of this test came back saying that my super scapular nerve is pinched which limits my arm (rotator cuff) function. The good news is that the nerve is probably not completely severed and we know that there is a problem so we can begin to find a solution. The way that my nerve is pinched is a very uncommon problem and so there is not a specific fix. The team of doctors has been researching the problem trying to find the best possible solution, I will see Dr. Thorson again on Monday to make a plan of action.

My visit with Dr. Clarke was much more promising. He had another CT scan done on my lung and did a general examination. The lung, ribs, and back are continuing to heal well. He said that it is okay to do easy physical activity (keep my heart rate under 150) as long as I am pain free. As far as what activities I can do, I cannot rollerski for a few months because of the high risk of falling which could re-injure my shoulder. Depending on how my shoulder heals I could maybe bike in two months if I am able to safely control the bike with two hands, again I can't crash and re-injure my shoulder. Within the next four weeks I can begin to run on the treadmill as long as I am not pailful anywhere.

Before I crashed my girlfriend Maddie and I had made the plan that after nationals in Truckee, California we were going to take my parents truck camper and go for a road trip along the coast of California and Oregon for a few days before coming home to the Methow where we ski, snowmobile, and adventure the mountains. Obviously this didn't happen, but Maddie still came to visit anyway. We had to scale back our adventures but were still able to have some fun. She chauffeured me around and we explored some places of the Methow she had not yet seen. With the help of my friend Matty (bro Matty not girlfriend Maddie) the three of us took our four wheeler to the top of Washington pass before it was open for highway traffic. I put on a big jacket and enjoyed the smooth ride up the paved road into the mountains. Even though I couldn't really play in them it was nice to at least see the mountains.

Yesterday we sheared my family's sheep, this is a pretty big event and it is planned so that I am home after ski season to help. I couldn't help much this year but was still out in the barn for entertainment if nothing else.

I figured out how to do some air rifle shooting with only one arm

Maddie and I out exploring the Methow 

One the the giant Kodiak Northwest snowblowers at the top of Washington Pass

Some more exploring with Maddie 

Martin the sheep shearer with one of our sheep 

The woolless sheep after being shorn

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  1. I also had an EMG not long ago, I agree it was a painful experience. Did your doctor discuss a procedure called "Radiofrequency Ablation" with you? If you are experiencing a great deal of nerve pain this procedure could be an option for you to consider.
    Best of luck to you, I hope you heal quickly. Great Pics!

    Agnes Lawson @ Pain Relief Experts