Thursday, April 9, 2015

National team nominations and more recovery

Yesterday came the much awaited phone call from the US Biathlon national team where I learned if I will be named to any teams, receive any support, or get the attend any camps where I could train with the national team athletes and coaches. I found out that I will not be receiving anything, no coaching, no training group, no support, nothing, they have totally dropped me. This was very frustrating to hear, especially because there are several athletes who I beat in every race all season, except for one, who got named to the national team and are getting full support, full national team coaching, and full opportunity to have the top level training group. I was told that these athletes were named to the national team because they did well at the national championship and showed promise for improvement. This makes me wonder if USBA remembers that won the IBU cup trials in December and had one of the best single results of any American on the IBU cup this season. Additionally I can say with confidence that if I did not crash and was able to complete the season I would have been one of the top US athletes in Canmore at the IBU cups and at nationals.

I could go on and on with reasons and statistics of how I have proved myself and have better results then the athletes USBA is naming to the national team and supporting but that will not help the situation. From here I look forward to making a full recovery and becoming a better faster biathlete.

In much more positive news my recovery is continuing to go very well, I had another doctors visit and have started physical therapy. My lung, ribs, and back are continuing to heal well and I have been cleared to increase my activity level, 1 hour continuous up to two times per day of walking or stationary biking. My shoulder is what the doctors are still concerned with most but it seems to be getting better and they are unsure if I will need surgery, like they had previously thought. For now I will begin to rehab it and we will re-access in June if I need surgery or not. My first "official" physical therapy appointment went really well I was able to lift my arm all the way over my head!! A week ago I unable to lift my arm at all. Pete Dickinson and Winthrop Physical Therapy has been very helpful and supportive of me and I look forward to continue working with them through my recovery process.

In my spare time I used our BBQ as a smoker to make smoked lamb shanks for dinner one night

I have also been making Dr. Betsy's Lamburgeenie dog treats, for sale at Winthrop Vet Services

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