Sunday, March 22, 2015

Resting healing and a visit to the doctors

I have been at home now for a little over a week and things are continuing to get better. Every day I notice little improvements for example standing up and sitting down or how much I can move while sleeping in bed. Things are gradually starting to get easier and less painful. This week I also made the trip to Wenatchee to see some doctors. First I saw Dr. Thorson who is an orthopedist, he looked at my shoulder and all my broken bones in general. He said that things are looking good and continuing to heal and just need more time. Next I saw Dr. Knox who is a lung surgeon, he took some x-rays of my lung said that since my last chest x-ray in Calgary things have been improving. I had an air pocket in my lung that is now gone. A big improvement. I still have some very bad bruising on my lung that will take more time to heal. He said it is almost impossible to tell how long it will take for all of the bruising to go away, anywhere from 3-12 months for complete recovery, but it should heal completely and I will not need any surgery on it. Dr. Knox said that as far as my lung is concerned despite the bruising it is okay to do some light activity and get the lung working some.  An interesting thing Dr. Knox said was that considering the lack of bone damage I have one of the worst bruised lungs he has ever seen. He said that this was probably because I am young and in good shape so all of my bones more or less flexed when I hit the tree and the lung took a lot of the impact.

Since my doctor visits I have met up with Pete Dickinson of Winthrop Physical Therapy and he has helped me to get started riding the sit down stationary bike. I started at 15 minutes and have worked my way up to 30. This has been very beneficial because it has allowed me to get the blood flowing and makes me feel better in general throughout the day. The sit down bike is very nice because I can completely isolate my upper body and it does not hut my shoulder or ribs at all. It is even easier on my broken bones then walking. Other then that I have been reading watching TV and doing some stuff on the computer. I have also had lots of friends and family stopping by to say hi and see how I am doing. Like I said in my last post I am very grateful for how many people are sending positive thoughts and prayers my way, it is very kind and defiantly helps!

The last few days in the hospital were getting tough with  the less the appetizing food, everything could be easily cut with a plastic fork. 

Things got a lot better when mom brought in take out for dinner the last two nights

More broken parts, cuff, magazines, and bindings
My broken stock and cut harness 

My dad rigged up a handle so that I can pull myself up to a sitting position so that I can in and out of bed my myself

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