Sunday, November 30, 2014


The last two weeks in Canmore have been filled with lots of training, I have gotten in a very good block of on snow distance training and am ready for the race season to start. The first race of the year was supposed to be yesterday but it was to cold to race. There is a rule that it is illegal to race below      -20c (-4f). Right now I as I am writing this I waiting to hear if we will race today its currently -28c       (-18f), so its not looking good for racing today.

When we first arrived in Canmore we had lots of work to do on our skis to get them ready for the season, each pair of freshly stone ground or new skis must go through a complex waxing process to get them race ready. Each ski must be waxed a total of ten times and skied on in between each waxing. I had five pair of skis that went through this process and there is four MWSC athletes here all with new skis. I will let you do the math on how many coats of wax that is. It took about a week but eventually everyones skis were ready to go.

Overall training conditions have been ideal, fresh grooming, until this weekend not terribly cold, and lots of biathletes from all over Canada to train around.

Coach Seth working away in the wax room

All of our skis on the wall

Madshus Casey Biathlon
Getting ready to go do so ski testing

My clothes line in our room, a good place to dry clothes is essential when doing lots of training.

Friday, the official training day for the races the massive Canadian flag was  full flap. 

Some ice build up on the beard

On Saturday we woke up to about a foot of fresh snow, since it was to cold to race I decided to shovel our driveway then I shoveled our neighbors driveway and put all the snow in one giant pile. 

Since we couldn't race on Saturday I went for an easy ski with my mom.  

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