Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The final week

This last week was a major turning point, the training season has basically ended and the race season is about to start. The thing about this week is that even though I have been looking forward to it for a while I have also been intimidated by it because I knew it was going to be very hard. Luckily, I just traveled to Maine I didn't have very much time to think about it before it actually started. The week really started last weekend in Jericho with the rollerski races then I came home and did four more days of intervals two days of level 3 and two days of level 4. The L3 workouts were 2 x 20mins with shooting and 4x12 min skiing on the road with no shooting. The two L4 workouts were 8 x 3min running on a very hilly course chasing my teammate Russell with shooting, this was the hardest workout of the week, and then the last workout was a 6km time trial with shooting. Overall I did 6 intensity workouts in 8 days and it left me pretty tired but it also need to be done so that I will be skiing fast in about a month. Now I get to take a couple of days of chill time and recover from all the hard work. 

One of the highlights of the week was Sunday afternoon when it started snowing, we only got a couple of inches but Monday morning we pushed all the snow from the yard into one pile and made a jump to go off. It was pretty fun to be back on real skis again!

I came home from Jericho to a big box of new Madshus gear

My Madshus box included a new giant ski bag that could double as a body bag

The pumpkins our house carved on Halloween

Going off the jump in our front yard

Some more going off jumps

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