Sunday, December 21, 2014

IBU cup trials

I have been putting off blogging for a couple of weeks. There was quite a bit that happened but I am going to keep it short. I finished up my trip in Canmore with with three Noram races. They were all pretty solid, the skiing was strong and I hit all my targets in the first race. 

After Canmore I traveled to Grand Rapids, Minnesota for the IBU cup trials. These races went well, my skiing was on and my shooting was solid but more importantly I was very consistent throughout all four races. I was second place in 3 races and and 3rd place in one race. It is not official yet but because of my good results I will be traveling to the IBU cups in Europe after New Years.

Racing in Canmore

First shooting of the Mass Start race in Canmore

Start of the Mass Start in Canmore

We had some cold weather in Canmore leaving frosties on the beard

One day there was avalanche control work going on near the nordic venue, it was pretty fun to watch  

Maddie and I in Canmore

Mass start podium in Canmore
Flying out of Calgary a man at the gate next to ours was arrested because he threatened to bomb the plane

Flying out of Calgary I was upgraded to first class, keeping track of air miles is finally paying off

On the flight from Denver to Minnesota we had to turn back and make an emergency landing in Denver because there was  burning smell in the cabin of the airplane, we were greeted but about 5 or these guys

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