Monday, July 14, 2014

Sugarloaf Maine Team camp

I ended last week with an 80 mile bike ride through New Brunswick and Quebec. There were four MWSC athletes that all started out with a group that rides from Fort Kent every Sunday. For the first hour there were about twenty of us riding which was pretty fun because you could do lots of drafting, for the second hour it was just the four of us MWSC athletes continuing on, and for the last few hours I was by myself. For part of the ride I was on a frontage road along the trans-Canada highway where there would normally be very little traffic but the trans-Canada was being repaved and so all the traffic which included lots of semi truck was diverted to the road where I was riding. Since it was Sunday and there were no workers I figured I would ditch the busy road with no shoulder for two lanes of traffic free fresh black top. It was pretty nice riding to say the least. I also made a mid ride Tim Hortons refuel stop. 

Group riding

Fresh car free pavement on the trans-Canada

Timmy Ho Ho's

Mondays are usually my off day from training and so I decided to start it out right with an awesome breakfast of potatoes, eggs, waffles, bacon, and sausage. Monday afternoon I helped with coaching the Jalbert program. The Jalbert program is designed for elementary and junior high aged kids to come and learn how exercising can be fun, it is one and one half hours one day per week and free to anyone. We usually do some kind of more focused drills at the beginning such a rollerskiing, running, or shooting and then do relays and games for the second half. It was raining an very gross out but a few kids showed up and we still had fun.

Monday off day breakfast

Jalbert Pratice

For all of last week I was in Western Maine at Sugarloaf Mountain where MWSC was hosting its summer time junior camp. I helped out a little bit with the camp but mostly got to do some awesome training. In Western Maine there are way more mountains which add a nice variety of training. There were about 30 athletes who were all excited about training which made for a really good and fun atmosphere!

Hiking in Western Maine

We were able to do some shooting at the local shooting range while in Sugarloaf

The group running to the base of the ski mountain to do hill bounding intervals

Only four of us made it all the way to the top while doing our intervals

On the drive back to Fort Kent it started raining very very hard. Probably almost the hardest I have ever seen it rain. 

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