Tuesday, July 1, 2014

New York and Zac Brown

Last week I had an easy week of training so I made the most of the opportunity and visited my girlfriend, Maddie's house in Old Forge, New York. It was a great few days of relaxing, we hiked to the top of Bald Mountain where there was a fire tower, we went paddle boating which I was very excited about because I had not gone since I was in 3rd grade, it turned out to be much less exciting then I remember. We also went to the Enchanted Forest Water Safari which is a huge water/amusement park in Old Forge, it was super fun and the perfect thing since it was pretty hot out. On the last full day that I was in Old Forge I helped the Phaneuf family get fire wood, I thought it was really interesting because it was different then I am used to, all of the wood we collected was still green rather then already dead and since there is so much undergrowth you could not drive right to where the wood was cut we had to carry it to the truck. I enjoyed getting wood because it has been a while since I had done any kind of real work and I probably wont get to do any more for a while. After we finished getting wood we went and jumped off the green bridge into the Moose river.

On the way back to Fort Kent Maddie and I stopped in Hartford, Connecticut for a Zac Brown Band concert. Zac was really good live he played all of his hit songs as well as some I hadn't heard before.

Now I am back in Fort Kent training. It is very humid here.

Next week I will be heading to southern Maine to help out with a MWSC junior camp.

Enchanted Forest Water Safari 

Maddie loading wood

Jumping off "green bridge"

Maddie and I at Zac Brown

Zac Brown Band

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