Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Fires, Kamouraska, and some training

This Past week was my biggest week of training so far this year, I did 25 hours and was quite happy to see Sunday afternoon and looking forward to the up coming rest week. I was pretty tired from the rollerskiing, running, and a couple of long bike rides. On Saturday morning the older MWSC athletes and coaches traveled to Kamouraska, Quebec to finish out the training week. Kamouraska is about two hours Northwest of Fort Kent along the Saint Lawrence Seaway, we camped right next to the water and you could smell the salt air. While there I went on a long bike ride and we did a group adventure run/hike.

Some other big news is that there is a huge wild fire raging near my home in the Methow Valley. The fire is the biggest in the history of Washington State, it is over 250,000 acres and has burned more then 100 homes. It has been disastrous not only because it is very large but it grew insanely quick, from 14,000 acres to 150,000 acres in two days. Because of the fire our entire valley has been without electricity for about a week and it will be about another week before it comes back. Luckily for my family the fire has burned in the opposite direction from our house and they have stayed safe.

View of the St. Lawrence Seaway from our run in Kamouraska

A nice farm in Kamouraska with the St. Lawrence in the background
Our campground in Kamouraska 

Some slack lining in Kamouraska

View of the Carlton Complex fire from my house

Flames from the fire burning


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