Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Northern Maine

Its been a while since my last blog post and for my avid followers I am truly sorry. This happened because my computer charger broke and I was unable to use my computer, thankfully after 10 days of waiting it finally came and my technological life can return to normal.

In Nove Mesto, Czech Republic we had two races a 15 km mass start and a 20 km Individual, both races were quite hard because the snow was very warm, wet, and was filled with old classic wax, dirt, and rocks making it terribly slow. Despite the very slow conditions I managed to have some solid races, I was third both days. In the mass start I struggled with my shooting a little with 6 misses out of 20 but able to pull it together for the for the Individual the second day with only 1 miss out of 20. Overall they were good races and I am glad that we got to go to them.

On Monday after races we flew back to the US, the trip was pretty uneventful, which is always a good thing. It was a very nice feeling to be back in the USA after being gone, it is kind of a hard feeling to explain but it just feels good when customs officer says welcome home. When I stepped off the plane in Maine it was -5f which was quite a shock to the system coming from Nove Mesto where spring was in fully swing. For the last week I have been training in Fort Kent and Presque Isle where it has been full on winter with cold temperatures and fresh snow falling.

This next week in Presque Isle the Junior World Championships will be going on, I will be down there to cheer on my friends and teammates as well as I am going help out team Australia with some waxing and coaching duties. I will not be racing because I am no longer a junior.

What was one of my best skis before meeting a large rock in Nove Mesto

Czech cup podium

Flying out of New York you could see everything

We flew right over downtown 

Skiing in Presque Isle 

I found this picture the other day and and it was two awesome not to put in... I think im about 9 

A sunny day near Fort Kent 

After racing in Nove Mesto one of my teammates skis, the bases are supposed to be white.

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