Sunday, February 9, 2014

Mother nature will you please make up your mind.

Shortly after arriving in Pokljuka we found out that the Alpen Cup races that we were supposed to race in were cancelled because of to much fresh snow. One might think that canceling a ski race because of to much snow is ridicules because you need snow to ski but in this case it actually did make sense. In the few days before we arrived it snowed over 1 meter (3 feet) of wet heavy snow and therefore trees were falling down all over the road to the venue and the road crews were having trouble keeping the road open. Also the shooting range has so much snow on it that most of the targets are buried. Luckly for us there is a World Cup here in the first week of March so the organizers are working hard at keeping  the venue in top shape.

While in Pokljuka we found out that the Austrian Nationals are probably not going to happen because there is zero snow in Roseanu, the organizers thought about moving the races to Obertilliach but they have so much snow there that the range is unusable. Since we will not be able to race in Austria we will be going back to Nove Mesto, Czech Republic for a Czech cup.

Even though we were unable to race here in Pokljuka it has still been a fun time. Since we could not race we did a time trial with the Slovenians, Australians, and some Russians that were in the same situation as us. It was a decent race for me I had 5 misses out of 20 and my skiing felt solid. I ended up in 3rd place 30 seconds back from the Russian that won, one of the Slovenians was 2nd. Now it is continuing to snow and has already snowed almost two feet this morning.

The targets snowed in on the left and shoveled on the right

The buried piston bully after only one night of snowing 

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