Saturday, October 3, 2015

Stacking hay and wood (aka time at home)

My time at home was pretty great and I really enjoyed it. The first half of my visit I slacked off on my training a bit but I was still very busy. I cut up and stacked about three quarters of the firewood that my mom and dad will need to get through the winter and I hauled stacked enough hay in the barn to get the sheep through Christmas in other words enough hay until I come home again and can haul more. Usually getting hay and wood aren't the most fun tasks but I was so excited just to be at home that I was totally okay with doing them and bummed out that I didn't have enough time to get more. 

At the end of month two of my best friends Marc and Matty are going to take the Winter and ride motorcycles to the tip of South America. They were both at home getting ready to leave. Another good friend Remington who is living is Seattle came over for the weekend as well so the four of us had quite the reunion. 

Another highlight of my time home was a three day backpack trip that I went on with my mom. We started at Harts Pass and hiked to Shellrock Pass and then Johnny Lakes which I have been wanting to go to for a long time. I wouldn't say they were easy to get to but were worth it. I caught several nice fish and shot a grouse which we feasted on for dinner. 

I am now back in Craftsbury and trying to get and stay excited about training. This weekend is the second set of races that make up the trials to determine who gets the final start spot in the World Cups before Christmas. Based on the August races there is myself and three other guys who could qualify for the spot. Ultimately the choice for the spot will be based on discretion and I have learned that the only thing you can expect from USBA is nothing at all, regardless I am still going to do my best in the races and see what happens. After the races we, the Craftsbury biathlon team, will go to Lake Placid for a training camp. This will be good for me because I always train better and am more excited about training when I am in the training camp setting and environment. 

The barn my dad and I built this spring stacked with hay. 

The woodshed filling up with wood

Tomatoes that I picked from the garden

100% homegrown dinner of lamb, carrots, peppers, zucchini, and beets

Freds lake on the backpack trip with my mom, the larch trees had turned color and were beautiful

Some trout and the grouse I got

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