Monday, September 21, 2015

Austria part 2

Week two of Austria was full of good training and lots of fun but unfortunately not much skiing. After the first week the weather got very warm and sunny causing all of the fresh good snow to melt down to glacier ice and we were unable to ski. Even though we couldn't ski we did some very fun hike/runs in the mountains and did some good rollerski workouts on the rollerski track. Overall the training camp was a success, I really enjoyed being able to ski. Skiing on snow helped me get in some good technique training that I will hopefully be able to carry through the fall and into the winter. 

The last few days of the camp were pretty interesting in terms of current events, if you have been watching the news at all you have probably heard about all of the migrants traveling through Europe. Being in Europe close to where this was happening made a little bit of an unknown what the travel home across the normally open easily passable Austria German border was going to be like, I was hoping that the masses of migrants would hold off a few days before getting to Austria so that we would not have problems at the border. For the most part we were fine, driving to Munich we were in stop and go traffic for about an hour near the border but ended up not having the stop. The German border police was doing random car checks but luckily we were not selected. 

I am now headed home to Washington to visit my family and hopefully have some good adventures in the mountains there as well. 

On our mid camp off day we drove to Hallstatt, Austria to tour the town. It is right on the Hallstatt see and very picturesque and touristy. It was fun to see.

The side of a hotel in Hallstatt with a pear tree growing up the side. All of the branches were so close to the tree that all of the pears could be picked from the various windows. 

The last day of skiing things were a little bleak on the glacier, besides being a little wet the skiing was still quite good

The Stang Alm that we passed by on an adventure run

A nice mountain lake along one of our adventures.  Mike, Liz, and Ida

Mike and I enjoying the view of Schladming. Next time I want to bring my alpine skis and hit up the slopes.

Liz, Kate, Mike, and Ida trying to figure out where to go next

Mike and Liz enjoying some beautiful grassy mountain trails

The traffic at the Austria Germany border on the way home

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