Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Time at home in pictures

This week I don't have that much time to write out a long blog post but I have lots of pictures, if each one is worth a thousand words then this will be my most valuable blog post yet.

My basil plants left in the car to dry before leaving the East

My final flight to Wenatchee, Washington on the small prop plane 

Our sheep at home grazing on pasture
Splitting wood to keep the house warm for the winter

Hauling wood home... only 5 more loads to go

Making dutch baby pancakes, they grow out of the pan

The dutch babies are delicious with fresh nectarines  
 A few days before traveling home my elbow started to have some pain, I had an inflamed bursa. Luckily this happened when it did and I was able to see Pete at Winthrop Physical Therapy and he fixed me up with some ultra sounding and kinesio tape. I was able to keep the stress off my elbow by going on a three day backpack trip as soon as I got home.

I would like to give out a special thanks to Smartwool and Tracy Ross for getting me some awesome new shirts, socks, and wind briefs to get me through the winter.

The rest of the pictures are from the backpack trip that I went on with my mom and friend Remington. We hiked in 15 miles along the Pacific Crest Trail to Goat Lake Basin. Remington and I did some grouse hunting and fishing while hiking, it was super fun!! 

Looking down the west fork of the Pasayten river

Cooking up our fresh grouse 

Remington on top of Holman peak 

On our layover day we did a day hike to lake of the pines it was nice to look at but hard to get to

Upper Goat Lake where we camped both nights

posing with my remington and Remington 

The fish we caught

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