Friday, September 12, 2014

Recovering from off days

The post volume week off days have ended and I am back training again. The first two workouts were a bit sluggish feeling and I was worried that I was not fully recovered but after doing an L3 workout I am feeling much better and more energized. I took off two and half days in a row last week, the biggest break I have had all summer and I think that much rest was a bit of a shock to the system so it took a harder effort to pull me out of the recovery phase.  But now I am feeling ready to train again and not so sluggish just in time for what USBA calls a "hit" week or a week with lots of intensity. This particular hit week is happening in conjunction with the fall testing week where we will be doing some physical fitness tests as long as some shooting tests.

During the first few easy days of this week I was able to do a SCATT shooting session with Jonas the mens team coach. In case you don't know what SCATT is it is a laser system that hooks up to the barrel of your rifle and tracks your movement then senses when the shot goes off. This SCATT session was particularly helpful, previously while SCATTing I have had lots of movement in my barrel from my heartbeat. The movement was so substantial that it would move my barrel from a center hit to a prone miss. To try and correct this I moved my left elbow underneath my rifle more and on the SCATT and it seemed to help! Since then I have tried it in some easy combos and a time trial we had today. It seems to be working I have pretty much only been missing one or zero in prone but I need more practice with it before I decide wether it is actually effective.

Todays time trial that I mentioned earlier went pretty well. My legs were a little tired after the L3 intervals yesterday but I thought that I paced well and was able to have a strong last lap, I also had good shooting my misses were 1,0,1,0 with a total range time of 1:52.

Results for todays TT

Fall is on its way in Lake Placid, I had to break out the tights and my long sleeve shirts

Here is a short video clip of how the SCATT shooting system works. The green line is before the shot, the yellow line is 1/2 second before the shot and the red line is after the shot.

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