Sunday, June 8, 2014

Maine... Training Training Training

I have now been in Maine for one full week and it has been full of lots of training, morning and afternoon sessions almost everyday. One of the things that makes Fort Kent such a great place to train is the roller ski loop and shooting range. For those of you that don't know, here in Fort Kent, Maine the ski trails are paved so you can roller ski on them as well as roller ski right up to the shooting range. This set up is ideal for biathlon training.
Since there is the great roller skiing facilities here I have been doing lots of combo training (roller skiing with shooting) this week as well as some running and biking.

It has been a few months since I had been in my room here in Fort Kent and when I arrived I felt like it was exceptionally dirty so I spent the first few days I was here doing lots of sweeping, moping, scrubbing, and washing of my room, the entire downstairs area, and the kitchen. My dad told me it was "practice to make someone a good wife", not exactly what I wanted to hear.

In other non biathlon related news I bought my first jalapeno pepper, I read somewhere that hot peppers are supposed to have something in them that is good for you, wether or not that is true I don't know but wanted to try on regardless even though I am not that into spicy foods. I figured the 3 cent investment would be worth a try. So far I have used about 1/6 of it in a potato stir fry dish and it was not to bad.

Flying out of Boston on my way to Presque Isle. 

Shooting Training at the 10th mountain center in Fort Kent.

Before and after what started out as a pouring rain bike ride, the rain stopped after about 5 minutes

The newest biggest truck at the Fort Kent Chevy dealer

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