Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The final phase of recovery

After returning home from moving all of my belongs to Vermont I began the final phase of the recovery process. I have been cleared by the doctors to do anything as long as there is not a risk of taking a high speed fall like I did a couple of months ago, they said that I need rebuild and even out the strength on my left side. I figured the best way to do this was to do exactly the type of things that I did to get as strong as I was in the first place, working outside and training. For the month of June that is exactly what I did. Most days I would get up first thing and get 5-6 hours of work done while it was still nice and cool out take a long lunch break and then train for 2-3 hours in the afternoon. I did lots of fun work projects and had some really fun training days as well. I have pictures of some of the more notable work and training projects/adventures below. 

I collected most of the firewood to get my patents through the winter but first had to build a trailer to haul the logs out of the woods with.

A cool old gate I found along a hike run to the top of Milton Mountain. Milton Mountain sits next to Gardner Mountain in Winthrop and I stare up at it wanting to climb it every day... I finally made it!

One of three weight lifting platforms that I made with my dad for Pete at Winthrop PT and Fitness.

Putting the final screws in the roof of the barn that my dad and I build while I was home

I added some wood glue and screws to my broken stock and it is almost as good as new.

My mom and I were working on clearing a trail that had lots of fallen down trees, the first few times I carried the saw up on my back but after clearing enough of the trail that we had to hike UP the steep trail four miles we decided to borrow a horse to carry our stuff for us.

My mom and I went on a backpack trip to Fox lakes, the first day we hiked into the lakes did some fishing and spent the night. The second day we took the "scenic" way home traversing a ridge all day over 7,500 feet and climbing 5 mountains. 

Fox Lakes in the Pasayten Wilderness
The Amazing view we had all day

The last weekend I was home I helped my mom host a biathlon camp for out local Methow Valley Biathlon junior team, one day we drove to Harts pass and all the kids and my mom went one direction on a hike, I went the other direction on a 25 mile run to buckskin lake. It turned out the trail to get there was a little bit harder then I had anticipated and therefor it took me a couple hours longer then I thought but I had packed an extra power bar in my bag and it was a beautiful day making it pretty hard to complain. 
The trail to Buckskin lake... just another day at the office.

Looking down on Buckskin Lake.

I was greeted with watermelon by the campers, it tasted pretty good after my 7 hour adventure.

I am now off to Craftsbury, Vermont to start the real summer training.

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