Friday, August 15, 2014

Off to the races

Last week was my final week in Maine for a while. I am now in Jericho, Vermont where I will be competing in the first set of two weekends of races that determine who will fill the last spot on the World Cup circuit for the USA. In the past I have not been skiing very fast in the summer but this year I have been doing more intervals throughout the summer to be more in shape for these races. I have always thought that being able to ski fast my fastest in the summer time is quite irrelevant seeing as biathlon is a winter sport but for some reason the higher powers of USBA think it is a good idea to have races in August to determine where us athletes will get to race throughout the winter. 

Before I left Maine I helped with the Jalbert youth ski program again and we set up a sweet agility course that included a summersault portion with rollerskis on. Kam was pretty good at it as you can see in the Video. Also happening before I left Maine was the Acadian Festival which celebrates French heritage in northern Maine and eastern Canada. Some of the events I saw were an air show over Madawaska, and an epic firework show that lasted a good 30 minutes in Fort Kent.  

Jalbert practice

Attempts at summersaults

Planes doing acrobatics in the air show

The fireworks show, we had a great view from our house 

On the way down to Jericho I met up with Maddie and we spent a night camping at Grand Isle State Park, Grand Isle is an island in the middle of lake Champlain. We made s'mores and delicious pancakes on the grill the next morning. 

After a few days of training in Jericho, VT I went and toured the original Ben and Jerry's factory in Waterbury, VT. 

The rollerski races are Saturday and Sunday Aug 16-17. After the race the results can be found here.

Maddie with a perfectly cooked mallow

Pancakes on the grill 

Ben and Jerry's

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