Sunday, December 1, 2013


The first on snow skiing I have done this year was in Canmore, Alberta and it was very fun. It's so nice to get off the rollerskis and be back on snow. The first races of the season took place last weekend and again this weekend in Canmore. They went very well for me, I was happy with my skiing and most of my shooting. Last weekend was Noram #1, both Saturday and Sundays races were 10km sprints where I placed 1st and 2nd respectively. This weekend was Noram #2, Saturday was a 20km Individual where I placed 3rd and Sunday was a 10km Sprint where I placed 2nd.

Next I am off to Grand Rapids, Minnesota for the IBU cup/Olympic trials. Those races are December 14-18th.

On top of the podium after Noram #1

The team

Because of all the snow making guns my rifle became so frosty it stopped working

Thanks to Kristin Smith for all the great pictures

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